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The number is expressed in font units, one unit being a certain fraction of an em (one em is the type size currently used).Different fonts may use different units, but common values are 10 units/em.Since some combinations of letters are not used in normal words in any language, kerning these is not necessary.Non-proportional (monospaced) fonts do not use kerning, since their characters always have the same spacing.In the days when all type was cast metal, parts of a sort that needed to overlap adjacent letters simply hung off the edge of the sort slug.The bit of metal that hung over the edge was called a kern.Some other combinations that use negative kerning are FA, LT, and LY, and letters like A, L, and h followed by a quotation mark.Positive kerning is used mainly in conjunction with special characters and punctuation (for example, the lower case letter f followed by right parenthesis or quotation mark).

The related term kern denotes a part of a type letter that overhangs the edge of the type block.Adjustments for different pairs within a given font can range from a tiny 2 to over 100 (when expressed as 1000 units/em).The adjustments for a given pair vary greatly from one font to another.A class includes several characters whose right-hand outline (and right side-bearing) is identical for kerning purposes, or several characters whose left-hand outline (and left side-bearing) is identical.All pairs of characters where the first one is from the first class and the second one is from the second class will require the same kerning value, so this value needs to be specified only once in the table.

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Since Open Type is a superset of True Type kern tables are still supported for True Type fonts packed as Open Type; however Post Script-based (CFF) Open Type fonts do not have this option.

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