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C'mon it's bad enough my old senseis(A/N: Ok I had to look up the plural of that word. Sasuke performed the jutsu properly.(A/N: I'm not typing out the rest of the Transformation Jutsu performances.) Time Skip to the Graduating Exams "Nyuu Namikaze"Iruka said. "Perform the clone jutsu"Iruka said,"create three clones."Nyuu nodded and created three perfect clones."Good job,now come get your headband"Iruka said. "Naruto Uzumaki"Iruka said and Naruto stood up and went to the other room.

"Nyuu, Sasuke you have to practice the Transformation Jutsu now"Iruka said. She quickly turned into Iruka then turned back into herself."Good job, Nyuu"Iruka said. "I'm definitely going to pass and become a ninja"he shouted again.

Scroll Down for Information V V V This is a modpack that i have used my self over the past times i have wanted play naruto and now im realising it. If this mod pack gets 100 i will open a sever but i want atleast 100 so i know that some people are intressted.

Later that year she signed with WWF and debuted with Essa Rios on Feb.

Her parents divorced before she graduated from high school.

She graduated 6 months early and became a roadie for 5 years and became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio Jr.

So the idea is like different levels are different villages :) with dungeons and stuff around them but yer! next patch will consist with:* More naruto/bleach/anime music* More monsters x 2Hope you guys enjoy it.p.s. Also in patch news:~Beer and more drinks have been added~New Naruto mod with more jutsu's~Bleach mod is coming back in next update (date: 29th may (Australia) ) tomorrow (30th may) will be updated with it back plus~Naruto Music!!!

i dont own any of these mods Also dont forgot to plus the pack Update! x D (Tomorrow)~Naruto character skin's for the Npc's~Biblocraft (Tomorrow)~Morph mod (Tomorrow)~ Custom skin for damage indercators mod (tomorrow) (skyrimish look)That's all for today!

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Then when I moved the leaves and saw it was just Naruto.

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