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While convalescing, Summers began considering what he wanted to accomplish before his death, and, as he puts it, “it all came back to theater.” in April last year.

During the play’s production, Klickstein pitched his documentary idea to Summers. “He resisted the hell out of that,” Klickstein says.

In that time, moved production to Universal Studios in Orlando, and produced more than 500 episodes to become one of Nickelodeon’s defining brands.

It remains as such, and Summers remains a beloved figure for those who watched the effervescent host cheerfully douse kids and their parents in thick green slime.

“But being in Los Angeles for 13 years and getting turned down thousands of times, I was bound to get something.” Summers’ hosting gig lasted until the show’s cancellation in 1993.A severe form of cancer that landed Summers in chemotherapy for two years (he’s now in remission), the diagnosis didn’t come to light until around 2015, when Summers first went public about the illness on WMMR’s morning show.He kept mum because he feared the same backlash that came with the OCD diagnosis.“He didn’t think he was that interesting, or that enough people would care.It was a fight to get him to finally agree to do something.” After three tries, however, Summers relented, and Klickstein got to work.

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“I defy anybody to look at any episode and see me being creeped out by it all. Off camera when we finished, did I want to take a shower? I’m not denying that.” Summers says his life was changed with The two hit it off so well that Summers got Klickstein a gig as a casting producer for the program.