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The downside to this is that, while there is a free lite version on i OS, the app does cost money if you want the ability to manage your collection: .99 on i Phone and Android, .99 on i Pad, plus .99 for the collection manager (so between and total to get the management feature).

But for the small cost, I find the benefits of this app are far beyond what I get with online search engines and collection trackers. Since it uses gatherer as a "database" to know what all the cards are, it stays up to date with the current set.

There are a lot of other useful features: it also allows you to test decks you've made in the app; you can have it automatically add the appropriate amount of land; you can see prices from multiple sources such as TCGPalyer and Card Shark.

Decked includes the ability to manage your collection so you can select cards and build decks exclusively using what you already own.

I'd also like if it were always as up to date as Gatherer is.

Please note the Support and Feedback option, the use of which I greatly appreciate. We do love and forgive them though and they can not stop us from spreading love and forgiveness.

It has up to 24 seats multiplayer mode, Commander damage tracking and separate poison counters for 2-Headed Giant team.

Multiple i Mt G Life Counters can be linked and synchronised over Bluetooth nearby networking.


i Mt G is probably the most advanced and innovative Magic: the Gathering toolbox and rules reference app in the App Store, reliable since 2011, and for Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! Life Counter tool supports portrait and landscape modes.

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Gatherer is great (sort of) for building decks, but I'd like the additional filter of specifying the search specifically to the cards I own.

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