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Sophos update manager not updating

To upgrade, see the Enterprise Console upgrade guide.Sophos documentation is published at 3 Sophos Enterprise Console 2 Terminology The following table lists terms that have specific meanings for this guide: Term Meaning old server The existing Enterprise Console server.Neither the old server or new server are a domain controller.You have the necessary administrator privileges on both the old server and new server.For example, a local account in a workgroup environment and a domain account in a domain environment.

Both the old server and new server are in the same domain or workgroup.Enterprise Console will be migrated to the new server with a new identity.If a new user account is created, it is based on the network environment.Contents 1 About this guide Terminology Assumptions Prerequisite What are the key steps?Prepare the old server for migration Check Update Manager password Stop Sophos services Back up data, registry and Secure Store Install Enterprise Console database component Restore database and certificate registry key Install Enterprise Console server and console components Stop Sophos services Back up data on the new server Import registry and Secure Store Start all Sophos services Redirect endpoints to the new Update Manager Configure updating policy Redirect endpoints to the new Enterprise Console Redirect any unprotected child SUMs to the new Update Manager Redirect remote consoles to the new server Decommission the old server Appendices Appendix A: Prepare a new server Appendix B: Modify exported registry files Technical support Legal notices server to server migration guide 1 About this guide This guide describes how to migrate Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) 5.2.x from one server to another.

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To determine if you are fixed, first reboot your computer.

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