Palmdale free chat sites

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Palmdale free chat sites

The Sierra with e Assist builds upon that package by with the new lightly electrified e Assist system, which includes both a compact induction motor and an air-cooled, 0.45 k Wh lithium-ion battery pack.When a conventional vehicle comes to a stop – for example, at an intersection, or in bumper-to-bumper traffic – the engine typically does not stop running.Compared to a comparable Sierra with a similar engine and transmission pairing, e Assist delivers a 2 mpg improvement in the city, 2 mpg on the highway, and 2 mpg combined.ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, INSIDE AND OUT As the Sierra with e Assist is based on a two-wheel drive SLT crew cab with the Premium Plus package, advanced technologies extend beyond the drivetrain.The added power of the motor allows Sierra’s Active Fuel Management system to run the V-8 engine in four-cylinder mode for extended periods of time, and further reduce fuel consumption.Sierra e Assist also builds upon the Sierra’s aerodynamically-efficient shape by incorporating a standard soft tonneau cover and automatic grille shutters, which close at speeds over 30 mph.Running the engine during these periods is inefficient, as it doesn’t result in any vehicle movement.

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The Sierra with e Assist is available only through a select number of GMC dealers in California.

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e Assist’s induction motor can also provide a small boost – up to 13 horsepower and 44 lb-ft -- of power.

This can be particularly useful when accelerating from a stop or while towing a trailer, and also benefits normal driving around town.

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