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Walleye patterns have varied this week, but for many, fall is synonymous with jig and minnow presentations.So the good news for jigging fans is that fish are responding to jig and minnow presentations.Large Rainbow Chubs, Large Golden Shiners or medium size Creek Chubs will work; so will night crawlers.Leeches might work too, but don’t depend on finding a supply in the area, most baits dealers do not have them in stock.It may be coincidence, or there may be a pattern developing on the big lake.Jeff Sundin has been taking some folks onto Winnie where they have targeted Perch.Walleye fishing was not hot and heavy, but many of our guests were catching fish and most reported getting enough for their family fish fries.On Wednesday, the rain was over, the sun was shining and even under a moderate chop, there were noticeable declines in both fishing action and size structures of fish caught.

Sunfish tend to run shallower and can be found in 22 to 26 feet on Cutfoot, while 14 to 15 feet has shown the most promise on Little Cutfoot.

For example, during the day long soaking rain that came on Tuesday, reports about great Perch, Pike and Crappie fishing were numerous.

Not only were the fish were active, but the size structure was excellent.

Three times this week, their search has taken them onto some of the lakes popular deep bars.

While following the sharper breaklines, fishing for Perch, Walleyes have jumped onto the lines instead.

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Anglers who have fished here for a long time have become accustomed to fish inhabiting the shallow water breaklines and weed edges.

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