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Best wishes for a smooth and productive summer season!

Phoenix Modular was started in 2005 by a group of industry veterans and quickly became the largest wholesale commercial modular builder in Arizona.

The following four numbers define the coordinates of the point within that face.

The coordinates of the referenced point can be found by multiplying each vertex of the face by these numbers in order and then add the results together.

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The Occlusion component in Grasshopper allows us to enter a set of sample points, along with occluding mesh geometry that will 'cast shadows', and a , or vector, to indicate the direction that 'light' is coming from.

Boolean operations are order specific, meaning that switching the order of the input meshes A and B will result in different outputs.Phoenix modular was acquired by Sunbelt Modular in early 2008 and continues to operate as a separate company under the Sunbelt umbrella.An unspoiled land, sunny climate and misty afternoons give Ka‘u coffee its characteristic deep flavors.Grasshopper avoids this problem by internally triangulating a quad face when calculating a parameter, the result of which is that of the four numbers in a mesh parameter, at least one of them will always be zero.Mesh Eval The Mesh Eval component uses a mesh parameter as an input and returns the referenced point, as well as the normal and color at that point.

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The color and normal are calculated as interpolations of the vertex colors and vertex normals, using the same barycentric coordinates as the mesh parameter.