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Latviandating com

If you want a single, simple solution for your IT infrastructure and cloud requirements, Versa Stack for Hybrid Cloud brings it all together.Read more about the Versa Stack announcement here and here.

Additional IBM Spectrum Storage family members, such as Spectrum Control and Spectrum Protect can be added to Versa Stack configurations and delivered on premises or as cloud-based services to deliver a broad spectrum of storage solutions within hybrid cloud architectures.

We brought to market a copy management solution (IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management) that reduces copy sprawl and makes use […] Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and cognitive analytics are having a tremendous impact in areas ranging from medical diagnostics to self-driving cars.

AI systems are highly dependent on enormous volumes of data—both at rest in repositories and in motion in real time—to learn from experience, make connections and arrive at critical business decisions.

Converged infrastructure offers the simplicity and agility demanded by modern enterprises trying to gain competitive advantage in an environment now driven by the Internet of Things (Io T), mobile and social systems of engagement and cognitive applications.

Imagine the power of combining hybrid cloud and converged infrastructure into one integrated platform.

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