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And on New Year’s Eve, they will don traditional Indian dress and walk around a fire pit seven times as part of their Hindu vows.

Preparing for the triple wedding has been precarious, however.

Not long after that, Scott was at Brandon’s soccer game when Aisha called to say she had almost been in a car accident. Yesica Suarez cracked open the oven, flooding the Northern Virginia apartment with an unusual but intoxicating blend of aromas. Underneath, spicy lentil cakes called dhoklas sat next to a tray of fried cheese tequeños.

He decided then that he didn’t want to move on — ever. Inside the small Fairfax kitchen, Yesica set out the food as a dozen relatives of all ages and races revolved around her. “It’s like ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ ” Yesica said.

“Eww,” her now 13-year-old son Brandon jokingly gagged. On their wedding day, Brandon asked Scott if he could now call him Dad. “Honestly, if I had tried to say more, I would have fallen to pieces,” said Scott, 40, a systems engineer.

Her son has never played with toy guns because “I’m not going to risk his life.” “Everyone I know has Nerf guns, even younger kids,” Brandon said, not complaining as much as explaining.

“Suarez-Arora House,” it said above the wedding to-do list including buying a sari, renting a tux, Catholic wedding counseling and “punjabi salsa dance classes.” “Akshaan, you’re taking salsa lessons? “She said she wants to do a routine” at the wedding, he replied.

“Don’t forget Spanish lessons for me,” interjected his aunt.

Yesica, 28, was raised Catholic in San Cristobal, Venezuela. They both arrived in Northern Virginia as teens and wound up at George Mason University, one of the country’s most diverse campuses.

They met in 2008 through their business fraternity.

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