High school interracial dating

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Humphries became principal of Randolph County High School in 1969.Randolph County High School is located in Wedowee, Alabama and, in 1994, had a student body that was roughly 62 percent white and 38 percent black.Some black residents began staying indoors at night for fear of Ku Klux Klan retaliation, due to the fact that many white residents believed that blacks were responsible for the fire.

Due to an arson fire which destroyed the school building in August 1994, Humphries was reassigned to the school district's central office.

Eventually, Humphries was placed on paid leave by the local school board; he was also sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center on behalf of Bowen's parents.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference scheduled a demonstration in Wedowee, but this was canceled after Ku Klux Klan members from Georgia said that they would travel to Wedowee to stage a counterdemonstration.

A year after the incident, the local school district reached an agreement which barred Humphries from all school grounds in the district during class hours; the ban was to have been effective until July 1997.

The agreement also promoted racial equality in general, and then-Assistant Attorney General Deval Patrick said that it removed "existing barriers to equality of educational opportunity." Some parents in the district felt that the agreement did not go far enough in punishing Humphries, however.

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Humphries had long opposed interracial dating, as had some of his teachers; Humphries reportedly threatened to tell students' parents that they were dating interracially, as well as telling white girls that "no white boy would have them" after they had been with a black boy.

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