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” “I know Lou, and this is definitely the place, but you’re right, not the time. ” “If you don’t drink too much,” I replied, kissing his lips, leaving a light smear of red lipstick, still holding him tight, wanting nothing more than to be fucked by him. She had good legs, long and shapely, her calves defined by her heels. Heels, it was all I wore, like me, the other three were naked, and topping up our tans. “Dad, there’s a time and a place for that you know! ” I looked at her, framed as she was by the door frame. Hers hugged her young figure, it was too short, but Steve had insisted. I gave her a bottle of mineral water, then walked back to my sun-lounger, my heels clicking on the wooden deck. “Charles’ idea, me and Emily both had them done, fucking E cups, took a while to adjust.” She said. ” “Yep, look Charles is alright, ok he forced me and Emily into this business, you too, though not little slut over there,” she said. “I know you do, anyway, now you’re with the firm, he’ll look after you, look after you both, you know when we’d wiped my shit husbands debt off he sacked us, got a letter of dismissal, and the keys to a gorgeous apartment.” She said. “Oh come on Mum, I am s*******n you know.” She said. Her earrings sparkled in the light, diamonds I concluded, real ones. Ladies, let me introduce you, Natasha you’ve met, this is Dieter. ” “I understand alright, you want me to be your whore! “Exactly, you agree of course.” What choice did I have. “Oh nothing much, had a spa day, then saw Charles, he offered me a job.” “I know, he swore me to secrecy.

My lips were around the bulbous head, so silky, I ran my tongue across it, then around it. “Mmm, how did her tits feel as she pressed them against your chest? “Come on Abbey, she’s Charles’s, and he’s the boss…fuck that’s good.” “Fuck me lover! He mounted me, sliding his cock into me, stretching me. She was good, very good, I soon relaxed, as the oils were rubbed into my back, my legs, then back up, she kneaded my bum, the coverage gone. He held me then, his hands exploring my body, a body he had brought for two hours. His hand between my legs, caressing my cunt through my knickers, if you could call them that. It might not have been my first anal, but it was my first double penetration. “Now that’s a good idea Natasha, yes lets,” Charles said. I was confused, I thought she was Charles’s wife, but now Dieter was being very free with her. As if on cue, Dieter put his arm around my waist, and walked me onto the dance floor. She didn’t bat an eyelid, as in plain view Dieter squeezed her bum. He was good looking, younger than Charles, probably the same age as my Dad. “Of course, now, you have another booking,” Natasha said. I wrapped my hand around it, worked it, cupped his balls, his full balls, weighing them, they were heavy with come. She smiled again, then walked to the bedside table, and set the tray down. The only woman in the room who wasn’t wearing an LBD. ” “To make sure the clients enjoy me, and are satisfied of course.” “They fucked you? My tongue swept around his glands, then I’d taken him in my mouth, my head bobbing forward and back, each time going deeper. The waitress stood just inside the door, holding a tray, a tray with two glasses, and a bottle of bubbly in a cooler. She walked back to the door, stopped, looked back, watching, before leaving, closing the door quietly behind her…… We went with her, along a corridor, and up a few stairs.

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I smiled, Louise had been there, watching from the doorway. “For real, so we marched into his office one night, told him we’d take him to an industrial tribunal if he didn’t re-employ us.” She said. “Will you two keep it down, I’m trying to sleep,” Emily said.

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