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Ltd, Milford Lane, London; top left: André & Sleigh Ltd, Bushey, soon to be purchased by Anglo Engraving and renamed André Sleigh & Anglo Ltd; bottom: Menpes Printing & Engraving Co., Whippendell Road, Watford, soon to be purchased by Sun Engraving, at which time the factory would be expanded to accommodate all these companies at the same location. Sun gravure machine minder Jack Garratt recalled that the Watford Observer ran this photo around 1922, with the comment that it was not a picture of a battlefield in Flanders.

It is an early photo of Whippendell Road as seen from the Hagden Lane junction, with the Jones/Menpes factory on the left.

The Garratt family lived in one of the houses on the right, and Jack could remember the factory before Sun Engraving acquired it in 1919.

The houses, built in 1914, were the first in Watford to have electricity.

Ltd, Raynes Park; centre and centre right: The Sun Engraving Co.He had been working for the company as a 'boy' since April 8 of that year. In the same row, fifth from left (dark hair, clean-shaven, no glasses), is Mr Wilson, who later moved to Sun Printers to take charge of the Proofing Room. The rest of the employees of Rembrandt Intaglio Printing Co. Gladys Rendell, back row, left, is the only employee in this image who has been identified so far. Heavy wood furniture, candlestick telephones, an Underwood typewriter, and, on the desk behind, an Oliver Visible Typewriter - a downstroke machine that was hugely popular in offices in the early years of the 20th century (it was excellent for stencil cutting and could produce up to twenty carbon copies at a time). We don't know for certain that this handsome, well-appointed office was Edward Hunter's, but chances are that it was; it is clearly that of a senior executive. Note the two candlestick telephones behind the desk, one of them on an extendable mount. There is no name on the small office with its elegant desks, brass flower pots, and framed photo of an Alsatian dog (an image used in the 1929 Sun Compendium to demonstrate the effects of different halftone screens), but L.Leslie will stay with the Sun as an etcher and overseer until his retirement 49 years later. In the front row, far right, in suit and glasses, is George Bell, a director (who chose not to move to Watford when Rembrandt did). In the upper right corner atop the panelling are four bells, two for each telephone. Another intriguing glimpse inside the firm: studded leather chairs, a roll-top desk, an Underwood typewriter, candlestick telephones. [Len] Cotton's name appears on one of the lockers just outside the office door.(From the Sun archives) Photo The staff of the Sun Engraving Co., Milford Lane, London, c.1917.Annette and Dorothy Greenhill, flanking an unidentified co-worker (possible surname Rouse), join the company's ranks to fill jobs vacated by men off at war.

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(From the Sun archives) Photo The Cylinder Depository, c.1930.