Bishounen dating game

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Bishounen dating game

It is about the normal school life at Homurahara Academy of Makidera Kaede, Himuro Kane and Saegusa Yukika.

* Based on the Japanese smartphone role-playing game created by Type-Moon.

A comedy anime is laced with humour and sets out to provoke laughter from the audience.

Japanese humour can be a bit strange to westerners, so if you`re new to this type of humour, just bear with it; it`ll most likely grow on you if you`re a fan of other kinds of comedy.* Based on Narumi Naru's gourmet comedy manga.

The two study in the same college, and also work together on various odd jobs.

Source: ANNNote: The first episode received an early screening at a special event held at Animate Shinjuku store on .

Generally if an original work (原作) credit is given, it will be to the studio, or director, or other members of the production team.* Based on a rhythm game developed and published by Bandai Namco Online.

In the glorious but sometimes harsh world of idols, they aim for the top with dreams in their hearts! One day, he meets a very strong and intelligent mechanical arm named "Mecha-ude".

Source: crunchyroll Note: The first two episode received an early screening at a special event held on , later they were streamed online on . After a strange turn of events, the "Mecha-ude" started living inside Hero's hoodie and the two's life full of trouble begins.

However, they each have their own charm and possess unknown potential as idols.

Forming a group, they take their first step together as "IDOLi SH7." Their brilliantly shining dancing forms onstage eventually begin captivating the hearts of the people.

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Source: kickstarter * Based on Fukumen Usagi's gag four-panel manga.

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