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Meanwhile, airports in Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East ranked consistently higher. According to the World Shipping Council, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach rank in the top 25 busiest ports in the world, and several ports on the East Coast rank in the top 50.Our inland waterways — especially the Mississippi River system — allow for the transport of goods between inland ports such as Pittsburgh and Cincinnati to those on the ocean.Experts describe the nation’s electrical grid as a patchwork of utilities, with transmission and distribution facilities — some dating to the 1800s — that will ultimately break down unless hundreds of billions of dollars are invested.“When we started building what’s known as the electric grid, Thomas Edison didn’t sit down and develop a national plan — we built the grid as we went,” said Otto J.The recent controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline illustrates the difficulties in threading a pipeline across hundreds of miles.In addition, several high-profile oil and gas pipeline accidents, such as one in San Bruno, Calif., that killed eight, have presented the need for better pipeline management and improved maintenance.“We put more strain on our electric grid than any other country in the world, by far,” he said.Not everybody thinks that this is a smart way to spend billions of dollars, though.

That electricity travels through more than 160,000 miles of high-voltage electric transmission lines that reach into every nook and cranny of the country.

This presents a unique issue with creating a consistent set of standards from state to state.

Iowa has the highest number of structurally deficient bridges, with about 20 percent of its bridges — more than 5,000 — classified as such.

“That’s not revenue neutral.” A 2016 study by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association found that nearly 10 percent of the 600,000 bridges in the United States are structurally deficient.

Each state performs its own inspections to determine whether a bridge — from those that span rivers and creeks to those that span highways — is deficient.

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The maps you are about to see show the massive scope of America’s infrastructure using data from Open Street Map and various government sources.