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Adult sim

Adults in The Sims 3 instead represent middle-aged Sims, and are approximately between 40 years old and retirement age.

They will gain a few wrinkles upon aging up from young adults, but not to the same extent as Sims in the elder stage. Gameplay-wise, there are few noticeable differences between an adult and a young adult; they can still get married, join careers and have children, and will not gain any further traits.

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Consequently, it is fairly difficult for a household to function without adults.

Adult Sims can use most of the objects in the game and perform the most interactions with other Sims.

Adult Sims that are 5 days or less away from becoming elders cannot get pregnant.

In The Sims 3, the adult stage is no longer the default age when entering Create a Sim, having been replaced in this role by a new version of the young adult stage.

The solution I found was to sell the computer/bookcase and purchase a new one and then the options appeared.

However, the likelihood of a female adult Sim successfully becoming pregnant when attempting the Try for Baby interaction is somewhat lower than it is for a young adult Sim.

If The Sims 3: Generations is installed, adults are slightly more distinct from young adults.

Adults in The Sims 4 are similar to those in The Sims 3.

They are less likely to become pregnant than young adults, and their skin will be slightly wrinkled.

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It is preceded by the teen life stage, or the optional young adult stage if The Sims 2: University is installed.

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