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Adult roleplay chat non flash

But shortly before she cums, Maggie stops, did anyone actually manage to get her off? I`m really looking forward to the next installment. But also there are some things to get a bit better.I did notice, there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors. ** Star wars ** Be careful here, cou can loose all your points often. First of all, the third heli-pic has some problems by loading it, it needs to long - perhaps a wrong file-size?Besides, leaving that behind hoping you would consider all possible things in next part like going with all the girls one by one.. Adding some ending stories and also something like atlast after having every girl there, they only have Kean Jeong(the character/protagonist) in their mind forgetting all other men and they daily dreaming about him only.. But, come on, you have two virgins, essentially made for each other and no kiss? Then there`s a minus 5 points for Kean sticking his finger inside a virgin. Other than that, keep it up, one of the best games I`ve played, keep it up! I would like to see more development in pursuing other characters other than Maggie.I know it`s an easy thing to forget, as I attempted it years ago. So, it seems as if you should go for Maggie, but in my opinion she looks and behaves too young. I would like to have some more interaction with them. Also I feel like the addition of being able to move around and talk to people on you own would be a great addition to the game, especially since I think some characters were in the game all of 2 times.Of course, the girls have good graphics and expressions, & Maggie is really sweet, when others are simply hot (Laura and Nikki for example). Finally a game with not only beautiful girls but also a very good and interesting storyline. May be I missed something, but the end with Rita seems to be a maximum of getting her touching your cheek, that seems to be a bit disappointing for the end of the storyline ...I liked all the different characters, and in my opinion there migth be even more options/possibilities. Also I`m missing interactions with Keira at all and the interactions with the blond boss lead to nowhere ...One great thing is that the choices you make change the way people see you and it is crucial if you want to get until the end. Also, since they`re a good ways into the ocean, a storm and survival, with or without the chopper, opens many possibilities. There is points to lead Maggie until climax, but I will let you discovers how to achieve that :) This game is absolutely amazing!The graphics are incredible: very well made, respecting every detail and one of the things I like the most is that the women`s represented are not all super hot, but have different kinds of beauty, and we can see it in Maggie, Roos, Kaori and Nikki. I do congratulate the team on taking the high road and the graphics and the texture of the various story lines. The only tricky part was when they were getting to watch the movie. Well, this is a good to almost very good game, as it is right now. The story - the thing which can often be rather cringe-worthy, and a necessary evil you need to live through - is so engaging I was almost annoyed by the presence of sex scenes.

The multiple save/restore options really help you to explore multiple story lines and long sections.

This game is awesome, one of the best if not THE best game on this site.

The story is very well organised with a lot of different ways in which it can be developed. I highly suggest that the hot tub and shower be far more exploited. I`ll help you back to your cabin.] Shy 15 [Ok...] = After fingering her you will have a chance to stop, or choose to fuck (-20 shy), to have an hand job (-15 shy) or a blow job (-20 shy). ** Maggie scene ** Here you can`t fail until the sex scene.

I have no problem with the story requiring the player to play within the parameters of the character, that is what makes this a game-- a very good game -- however, I DO like it better when I can see how I am progressing in that regard.

The walkthrough was crucial for my being able to enjoy it, while the teams other games were more intuitive -- to ME anyway.

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I really can`t wait to paly the second part of it to develop the storyline with Maggie. frankly, this game is better but there`s less eroticism. Those crying for a walk-through ,to figure out Maggie, fail to understand the simplicity and complexities of almost any given woman`s mind. I rated it an 80, with subtractions for two reasons. Minus 15 is for when Maggie essentially reveals to Kean on the deck that she`s "the right person," there should have been that first romantic kiss. Great story, great characters, great art and great girls. You should be able to skip the intro, and skip the other info sections, like the greek history etc. Feel free to check what you went after that until the Roos scene. Almost, but not really; because they fit in very nicely and naturally, and they`re really great, too (the only thing that could be better is more animated scenes).

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